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標題: 紫錐菊健康種苗生產之研究(II)
Studies of Mass Propagation of Coneflower (II)
作者: 周煒裕
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
紫錐菊多年來仍為歐美的重要保健植物,銷售金額超過20億美金,商業利益明顯。本計畫種苗之指標成分含量,如cichoric acid等,達商業標準150%以上,均為值得栽培之的品系。應用去年獲得密度與透氣對瓶苗品質影響之結果,持續改進瓶苗品質,尤其是 1. 國外報導亦指出發根率偏低的問題。其次 2. 為容器減重,目前國內塑膠培養盒單價下降,已漸趨可接受程度,用之可望減重50%以上,擬觀察透氣處理在此容器之培養反應。另外, 3. 去年的間歇浸潤系統(temporary immersion system)培養結果比一般固體培養效率高,發根率尤其良好,擬進一步修正流程以提高效率,評估取代固體培養,節省洋菜、簡化出瓶清洗、育苗等步驟。本年度計畫可望大幅提升紫錐菊組織培養苗發根率,增加出瓶存活率,使之更適合商業栽培,提供農民新的選擇。

Coneflower is a famous herbal medicinal plant in western world for long time. Its products value at more than 2 billion US dollars. Elite plants containing effective ingredients (e.g. cichoric acid), over that of foreign commercial cultivars about 50%, had been selected for materials about three year ago in Tachung, Taiwan. The objectives of this project are (1) to improve the rooting rate of shoots derived from leaf culture of elite plant because of the low rooting response similar with the results of foreign report. (2) to replace the glass vessel with plastic vessel to reduce the heavy weight of glass vessel and to increase ventilation by using caps holed and taped with 3M adhesive tape on the holes. Furthermore, it is very hopeful to promote the rooting rate and survival rate extra vitro by modifying the protocols, please refer to final report of last year, of temporary immersion system. It will bring the saving of labors for cleaning agar and avoid hurting roots. The results may really reduce the cost of masspropagation of elite coneflower plants to fit the requirements for field cultivation or potting.
其他識別: 95農科-1.3.2-糧-Z4(8)
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