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標題: 歐盟植物品種權案件之受理、審查及品種權利保護措施之研究
The Study of the Receipt of Application and Examination for Plant Variety Right in European Union and Plant Variety Right Protection Strategy
作者: 郭寶錚
關鍵字: 應用研究;UPOV;農業推廣類;國際植物新品種保護聯盟;荷蘭;法國;共有體植物品種事務局;Holland;France;CPVO
本計畫的目的在於了解歐盟植物品種權案件之受理、審查及品種權利保護措施,荷蘭農業部及位於法國Angers的歐盟共有體植物品種事務局參訪,因為這些單位都是負責植物品種保護相關事務。Hortis Holland種苗公司也將會去參訪。本計畫將可提昇對歐盟國家處理上述相關事務之了解。

The goal of this program is to understand the receipt of application and examination for plant variety in European Union and plant variety right protection strategy. The Ministry of Agricultural of Netherlands and the community plant variety office of European Union at Angers in France which are in charge of the plant variety protection affairs will be visited. The seedling company such as Hortis Holland will also be visited to investigate development in this field. This program may improve the understanding of handling above affairs in European Union.
其他識別: 95農科-1.1.1-科-a1(3)
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