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標題: 基因轉殖作物花粉飄散數學模式之研究
The Study on the Model of Pollen Dispersal for Transgenic Crop
作者: 郭寶錚
關鍵字: 應用研究;農藝
隨著遺傳工程(genetic engineering)技術發展的精進,持續有許多基因轉殖生物(transgenic organisms)被培育出來,並且應用在農業商業品種的生產。但這也帶來許多的疑慮,最直接的影響就是對於生態環境的衝擊。基轉作物可能與野生近緣種,或者傳統品種發生雜交,導致遺傳物質的交換。花粉的散佈是造成基因漂流(gene flow)的主因,了解基轉花粉在田間的動向,在未來可提供基礎的研究資料,評估基轉與非基轉作物在共存的環境下,彼此之間所需之緩衝區域的大小及配置。 本計畫將探討國外相關的基轉、非基轉作物共存的栽培模式,了解國內與國外作物生長環境的差異性,並試圖找出一套適合國內生物安全評估的基轉基因漂流模式。

With the rapid development of genetic engineering, many transgenic organisms have been successfully developed and have entered commercial production. However, a lot of considerations should be taken under this situation. The major concern is the impact on the ecological environment. The transgenic organisms may hybrid with weedy relative or cultivated variety and cause the exchange of the genetic constitution. Since pollen dispersal is the major factor of gene flow, the information of the pollen drift in the field may provide the basis of necessary buffer zone size and arrangement under the co-existence of trangenic and non-trangenic organisms. The objective of the project is to study and distinguish between foreign and domestic cultural practices under the co-existence of trangenic and non-trangenic organisms.Furthermore, we attend to provide a appropriate model of transgene flow for domestic biosafety assessment.
其他識別: 97農科-4.1.2-國-I1(7)
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