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標題: 量化評估外銷木瓜及番茄之瓜果實蠅入侵風險
Quantitatively Estimating the Risk That Fruit Flies Could Be Introduced to Japan via Exported Papayas and Tomatoes
作者: 蔣國司
關鍵字: 應用研究;Fruit Fly;植物保護類, 農產運銷, 農業環境保護;果實蠅;瓜實蠅;木瓜;番茄;果實成熟度;監測;Melon Fly;Papaya;Tomato;Fruit Ripeness;Monitoring

With respect to quantitatively estimating the risk that fruit flies and melon flies could be introduced to Japan via exported papayas and tomato, there were the previous studies to demonstrate that screenhouse-cultivated and adequate ripeness papaya and tomato fruits could escape from fruit flies and melon flies infestation. Nowadays we proposed the new project to investigate the effect of the severe screenhouse-cultivated (e.g. two doors) and the impact of the typhoon to the population of fruit flies and melon flies. The research could strictly quantify the infestation rates of exported screenhouse-cultivated papayas and tomato and calculate the risk that the fruit flies and melon flies could be introduced. By using the quantitative risk assessment evidence, we hope to replace the traditional quarantine treatment as a strategy to save much time and expense for exported papayas and tomatoes.
其他識別: 98農科-9.4.1-檢-B2(5)
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