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標題: 稻種發芽率快速檢測技術之研發
Rapid Detection Techniques for Germination Ability in Rice Grain
作者: 陳宗禮
關鍵字: 應用研究;Rice Seed;農藝;稻種;種子活力檢測;發芽率;Seed Vigor Test;Germination Test

As the most important basic input in agriculture, the seed should be of very good quality, and the most vital attribute of that quality is germination ability. Seed quality can be limited by genotypes and environmental conditions both before and after PM, the stage of development at which the seed possesses its maximum mass, viability, and vigor. Seeds gradually attain viability and vigor during the developmental process as seed dry weight is accumulated. Seed viability, germination, and vigor each describe different aspects of the quality of a seed population. When understood collectively, these three characteristics accurately describe the quality of a seed population. In the present work, we investigate seed germination, ATP content, physicochemical changes by NIRS and luminescence, membrane integrity status and redox enzyme systems in thirteen rice varieties(Taikeng 2, Taikeng 5, Taikeng 8, Taikeng 9, Taikeng 14, Taikeng 16,Taichung Sen 10, Tainan 11, Kaohsiung 139, Kaohsiung 145, Taitong 30, Toayuan 1 and Tainung 71)during different stages of seed development and early imbibition. Our aim is expected to find out a reliable, simple, and rapid index to determinate the germinability of rice grains.
其他識別: 98農科-4.2.1-糧-Z1(5)
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