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標題: 月桃屬植物之種原評估與開發應用
The Evaluation and Utilization of Indigenous Plants, Alpinia Genus, in Taiwan
作者: 胡澤寬
關鍵字: 應用研究;Alpinia genus;農藝, 自然生態保育;月桃屬植物;指標成分;種原收集;Maker Component;Germplasm Collection
月桃屬植物(Alpinia)為薑科(Zingiberaceae),在台灣地區約有15種,分布在全島亞熱帶低海拔地區,是台灣著名的民俗植物。月桃的用途廣泛,具有極高的藥用、食用及觀賞價值,全株皆可利用。植體含許多酚類化合物,如種子所含cardamomin與alpinetin,地下莖所含flavokawain B、dihydroflavokawain B、dihydro-5,6-dehydrokawain及5,6-dehydrokawain都是很好的天然抗氧化劑,這些成份可減緩糖尿病患肥胖及胰島素抗性等副作用,另有研究證實也具抗潰瘍、抗血小板凝集作用、抗真菌活性、鎮痛及抗癌的效果。葉片萃取物也分離出dihydro-5,6-dehydrokawain,其精油有myorelaxant和antispasmodic的作用,還可作為天然抗氧化劑、芳香療法的精油產品及天然芳香劑及抗菌劑,因此除作為傳統保健及藥用用途外,依其所含之成分可開發推廣成一種多用途之經濟作物。國內對於月桃植物之研究報告很少,本試驗擬蒐集各地月桃屬種原,進行繁殖、遺傳及農藝特性調查,並針對其植株性狀及成分分析作進一步研究,進而開發各種產品。

Alpinia genus plants are perennial rhizomatous spicy plant indigenous to Taiwan, it contains fifteen species. In addition, the leaves are used to make the zongzi (glutinous rice dumpling) in Taiwan; the aromatic root is thought to dispel abdominal distension and increase stomach secretion and peristalsis. Many Alpinia plants are famous medicinal herbs, they have been reported to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, immunostimulating, hepatoprotective, and antinociceptive activities. According to the results obtained from literature survey, the essential oil of A. zerumbet at the dosage less than 1mg/ml dosage could active on the nerve, blocking compound action potential generation and conduction. However, to the best of our knowledge, it has not been found that the phytochmistry and bioactivity study of Alpinia plants until now.In fact, variations of characters, molecular markers and main compounds of these species still have not advanced studied. Hence, the objective of this study is to collect germplasms of Alpinia genus in Taiwan, construct the technique of propagation, examine the variation of plant characteristics and molecular markers, and variation of main compound in plant. Finally, we hope to select some useful genotypes and to develop some products.
其他識別: 98農科-4.2.1-糧-Z4(2)
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