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標題: 集水區地貌變化對集流時間之影響
The Influence of Concentration Time Due to Watershed Morphology Changed
作者: 陳樹群
關鍵字: 水土資源保育;應用研究
依水土保持規範之要求, 所有水土保持計畫均需估算25年及50年之降雨強度及逕流量, 其中首先觸及的即為集流時間的長短, 但由於各家公式所估計之值常差異極大, 且又缺少實測資料可供佐證, 因此常造成無謂之爭議.有鑑於此, 本研究收集約40組集流時間公式, 其中可概分為經驗公式及理論公式兩大類.經由分析發現不但各集流時間公式所估算之值差異極大, 其所含蓋之因子亦多有不同.因此本研究經由理論分析, 配合因子選定及敏感度分析, 發現降雨強度極大時, 影響集流時間之因子, 主要為坡度S、地表覆蓋情形( 以曼寧粗糙係數n代表 )及坡長L等地文因子.由於運動波模式所建立之集流時間觀念具完整之水理基礎, 再配合敏感度分析之結果, 本研究推求之集流時間關係式為t? =[( n?L? )/S]?·?.此式之特點在於能反應坡地開發所造成集流時間之變化, 例如當開發前後, 地表植生變化極大時, 縱使坡度及坡長未改變, 本式仍可因曼寧粗糙係數之改變而反應出集流時間之變化.本研究為初步之成果, 欲臻完善, 仍須更多配合實測資料加以驗證.

The planning of soil and water conservation evaluate the recurrence interval of 25and 50years rainfall intensity that is necessary for specifications.However, the time of concentration should be known before the runoff and rainfall intensity.For the purpose, about 40time of concentration equations, included theoretical and empirical equations, were collected in this research.The values have huge range in the same condition and the parameters are different in these equations.From the sensitivity analysis, three major parameters which are slope, land-covered and slope length were found in the condition of high rainfall intensity.Therefore, the study found the time of concentration, t? =[( n?L? )/S]?·?, which developed from the concept of kinematic wave model.The characteristics of this equation can respond the changing of time of concentration after hillslope urbanized.For example, the time of concentration is different because the land-covered are changed, responded in Manning's n, although the lengths of slope keep constant when hillslope developed.
其他識別: 90農科-1.4.2-林-R1(6)
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