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標題: 水土保持對棲地生態改善之研究 (III)
A Study on the Habitat Ecological Improvement by the Soil and Water Conservation Measures (III)
作者: 段錦浩
關鍵字: 水土資源保育, 自然生態保育;應用研究
( 1 )為使溪流魚類能在防砂壩及攔河堰等構造物之阻隔下, 仍能暢游其原有的生存空間, 於溪流中架設人工魚道已是必然的趨勢.然而, 防砂壩所構築中的人工魚道未必考量溪流河床之粒徑特性對魚道內砂石淤塞之影響、季節河川水位水量變化對魚道內流量及水深之影響等, 而大多遭到失敗的命運.本計畫利用室內水工模型試驗配合野外溪流調查驗證現有魚道之淤狀況, 找出效果不彰魚道之改善方法, 以建立更完善的魚道設計規範.( 2 )本研究將『鋼筋混凝土加強砂石造重力式防砂壩下游面設排水孔右上植生槽, 定可加以綠化.( 3 )本年度將延續研究魚道內之改良以增加水深.( 4 )如有工程單位能配合, 三年來的研究將可應用到現場, 期能對生態工程有正面效應.

( A )Constructing fishway in upstream river channel to provide pathway for fishes passing over dams and weirs also develops into the necessary consideration for watershed management.However, most of the fishways for check dams failed to function for several reasons, including blockage by the carried sediments in the flow and changes in discharge and depth of fishway due to season rotation.In this study, comprehensive guidelines of fishway design for in-stream structures can be expected based on the flume model experiments and field investigations.( B )This research is going to study the drainage holes and vegetation vessels in the downstream side of the ”Gravity Check Dam of Reinforced Concrete Frame with Sediment Filled”.( C )This research is going to continue the study of fishway improvement for water depth increasing.( D )This research can contribute to the field for ecological engineering.
其他識別: 90農科-1.4.2-林-R1(7)
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