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標題: 蘋果蠹蛾量化風險性評估之研究
Research of Quantitative Risk Assessment for Codling Moth
作者: 蔣國司
關鍵字: 技術發展;Codling moth;植物保護類;蘋果蠹蛾;量化風險性評估;感染率;捲蛾科;Quantitative risk assessment;Infested rate;Tortricidae

Taiwan represents a large market for U.S. apple exports. However, the codling moths (CM) have been intercepted in Taiwan since November of 2002. Therefore, the government of U.S. proposed “Quantitative risk assessment for the introduction and establishment of codling moth associated with apples” to clarify the safety of CM introduced in Taiwan via apples. With respect to the report, it claimed to identify the risk factors and estimate the probability quantitatively. Nevertheless, there are a lot of fallacies existed at the report from entomological and statistical views. In order to maintain natural surrounding, agricultural environment and social economy, it is imperative to organize the experts of the different fields to response and verify the quantitative risk assessment of the United States.
其他識別: 99農科-9.1.1-檢-B2(2)
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