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標題: 伏寄普(fluazifop)除草劑抗感性水稻突變體之篩選及其抗性機制研究
Screening of Fluazifop Resistant Rice Mutants and Its Resistance Mechanism
作者: 王慶裕
關鍵字: 基礎研究;農藝
選擇性除草劑(selective herbicides)可節省人力達到除草效果,然而與目標雜草同類型之非目標作物在此種除草劑施用下亦會產生藥害,例如在水稻田中使用禾草類除草劑(graminicides)會影響水稻生長。若能獲得抗性基因則可使除草劑具有選擇性;因此,本研究期望了解除草劑之抗性機制、找出抗性基因轉殖至相關目標作物,相信可以有效地發揮除草劑效果。本計劃擬以前農試所農藝組王強生研究員(現已擔任興大農藝系專任教師)提供之稉稻台農67 號(TNG67)與秈稻IR64 之突變庫自交系為材料進行研究,根據2009 年以fluazifop(伏寄普)初步試驗,發現突變體coleoptile growth 對於藥劑反應變異很大,可能存在抗感性差異性;因此將進行抗、感性篩選、確認以及進一步以之為材料進行抗性機制之生理分析及遺傳行為研究,確定其抗性機制及評估抗性基因之可利用性。試驗之前先以TNG67 與IR64 為材料根據Log-logistic analysis of herbicidedose-response relationship (Seefeldt et al.,1995)計算方式,確定幼苗injuryindex 之劑量反應,再以除草劑之ED20 與ED50 分兩階段分別篩選感性及抗性植株。本研究所篩選出之抗、感性突變體將配合TNG 67 與IR64 為對照,探討造成抗性之生理機制。由於fluazifop 之作用為抑制乙醯輔酶A 羧化酵素(ACCase),影響脂肪生合成進而引起植株死亡。本計畫將針對選出之抗、感性突變體進行劑量反應分析確認其抗性程度,配合單株選拔及自交後代繁殖,第二年並準備進行相關抗性生理分析,包括fluazifop 在耐、感性植株中的吸收、轉運、代謝解毒能力與目標蛋白ACCase 是否改變。於第三年則針對抗性機制選出抗性基因,從分子學研究相關抗性基因之表現及其遺傳行為分析。

Selective herbicides have been widely used in the control of specifickind of weeds for a long time; however, crop plants with the samebotanical characteristics as this kind of weeds are also killed ordamaged too. For example, graminicides cause herbicidal damage onrice plant while it is used to control grass weeds in paddy field. Therefore,how to prevent the herbicidal injury of non-target crops and to improveherbicide selectivity is an important work in the future. In 2009, a greatvariation of coleoptile growth in response to fluazifop was found in thepreliminary experiment of rice mutant pools derived from NaN3mutagenesis, thus the resistant- and susceptible-mutants possiblyexisted. After screening of fluazifop-R and -S mutants, the fluazifopresistance of mutants will be further identified in this project based onthe log-logistic analysis of dose-response relationship (Seefeldt et al.,1995). In the second year, herbicide resistance mechanisms of mutants,including the inhibition of herbicide uptake and/or translocation, theenhancement of herbicide metabolism (detoxification), as well as thealteration of target site (ACCase protein), even the overproduction oftarget enzyme, will be studied. Besides, both the inheritance behaviorand the molecular identification of putative resistant gene will beanalyzed in the last year.
其他識別: NSC99-2313-B005-002-MY3
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