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標題: 活性碳減輕水田丁基拉草流失之效果評估與百速隆在草坪施用後之藥劑流向監測
Estimation of application effect of charcoal on reducing overflow of butachlor from paddy field and monitoring of pyrazosulfuron residue in turf environment
作者: 王慶裕
關鍵字: 應用研究;fate of herbicides;農業化學類;除草劑流向;除草劑行為;百速隆;活性碳;herbicide behavior;pyrazosulfuron;charcoal

In order to establish the monitoring system of herbicide used in paddy field under the climate of Taiwan, all related data influencing herbicide behavior will be measured based on the PCPF simulation model. In this study, an effect of charcoal addition will be estimated, this absorbent will be used to adsorb herbicide in paddy water for reducing the herbicide loss from field through unexpected overflow of drainage water, especially under the subtropical climate with heavy rainfall or typhoon. Beside, we concern the fate of pyrazosulfuron, a herbicide has been recommended to use in turf grass in Taiwan, thus the monitoring of this herbicide in turf grass and soil environment will be performed.
其他識別: 100農科-9.2.3-檢-B3(5)
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