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標題: 水文情勢劇變下水資源對策研究(以基隆河及濁水溪流域虛擬水庫模擬系統為例)
Study of Water Resources Countermeasure in Hydrologic Circumstance Explosion(Take Jilong River and Zhuoshuixi River Basin Hypothesized Reservoir Analogous System as Example)
作者: 林俐玲
關鍵字: 水土資源保育;基礎研究;water resources circumstance;水資源情勢;資料庫;虛擬水庫;database;hypothesized reservoir

Cause our country water resources circumstance in view of the global climate and the environmental trend to be stern, the study hope develops a set to establish state of the water of information bank by the basin(Contains survey station, rainfall amount, river current capacity, surface hollowly gathers quantity, river system distribution, land utilization, water source drains material and so on quantity), and in the region of the surface water holding capacity appraised, establishment parameter the and so on land being suitable analysis then constructs constructs of analogous system a set of hypothesized, Raises reference science and technology of and of the policy direction the water supply resources management development. How but will the research results provide from all walks of life diagnoses discussion of the Taiwan water drought question and impels to grind draws up the correlation law, the mechanism, will carry out the optimized water environment, achieved will continue forever strategy of the water resources management development.
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