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標題: 渦流擴散對硫氧化物之影響
Eddy Diffusion and Taipei Metropolitan SOx Concentration
作者: 龐正大
Parng, Cheng-ta
關鍵字: SOx;硫氧化物;air quality;micrometeorology;surface heat exchange;eddy diffusivity;渦流擴散;地表熱平衡;微氣象;擴散係數
出版社: 環境工程研究所
亦增加,而在不利渦流擴散之條件下(U*K _D E/Z<0.03),板橋地區會有

This research studies the relationship of eddy diffusivity with
SOx concentration in Taipei metropolitan and builds three
dispersion models(point, line and area) for the eddy
diffusivity. By using the data of 1990 and 1991, it is found
that the summer eddy diffusivity is higher than other seasons
at 8:00 AM, but lower than other seasons at 8:00 PM. The
dispersion of SOx can be described by the point model. The
error of the calculated SOx concentration is below 9 ppb, and
the correlation coefficient R2 is above 0.79 between the
calculated and observed SOx by using the point model. In
addition, at 8:00 AM the SOx concentration is associated with
eddy diffusivity, but at 8:00 PM, the SOx concentration is
associated with wind speed and rain besides eddy diffusivity.
Moreover, the SOx concentration is increases with gasoline sold
in PANCHO and while U*KD/Z<0.03, the SOx will accumulat and
reach its highest concentration, but the error of the
simulation is highest, too.
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