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標題: 以應用為導向的森林集水區水源涵養功能推估方法之研究
An Application-Oriented Method for Evaluating Streamflow Regulation Capacity of Forested Watersheds with Area and Time-Dependent Rainfall, Groundwater, and Seepage Data
作者: 鄭皆達
關鍵字: 林業類, 水土資源保育;應用研究

Many people in Taiwan have high expectation of streamflow regulation capacities regarding water yields, peak flows and low flows from forest watersheds. This study, based on sound scientific basis and proper hydrometeorological data, explores quantitatively the roles of forest watershed ecosystems in regulating characteristics of streamflows. Emphases are placed on streamflow generation mechanisms, determination of water detention storage of forest watersheds with rainfall, streamflow and soil water data. Space-dependent watershed features such as slop gradient, soil-depth, and soil physical and hydrological characteristics are also considered. The results should be useful for appropriately assessing forest-water relationships and making rational watershed management decisions.
其他識別: NSC95-2313-B005-076
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