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標題: 農村集水區連續滯洪池之規劃設計對於減輕農村洪水災害評估之研究(II)
The Implementation for Reducing Flood Damage of the Consecutive Flood Detention Pond in the Rural Watershed (II)
作者: 段錦浩
關鍵字: 水土資源保育;應用研究;Flood;洪水;滯洪池;連續式滯洪池;Detention Pond;Consecutive Flood Detention Pond
連續滯洪池有串聯者,亦可因地形關係有併聯者、尚有個數的關係因而可以先行做水理分析,而農村集水區有它的特性、為維持生物多樣性、在考慮滯洪防洪功能外更應以生態工法來施作。而農村大都以現況來改善而非新市鎮開發,要做數量少的大型滯洪池較困難。因而本計畫有必要第一年先做水理分析及紙上規劃。 1. 相關文獻案例之探討,擷取出各個案例的優點並作為參考。 2. 探討滯洪池的最佳數量,並提出未來改善或者需要加強的部份或須改善的方法。 3. 建立水理分析及規劃模式。 4. 進行滯洪池的初步配置及設計。

The flood calamity often takes place in torrential rain season in the hillside of The Taiwan. Annual average rainfall is up to 2,500 mm. The mountain area rainfall is greater than plain area. But the rainfall space-time undistribution, usually causes the regional source of water to be insufficient, It makes the influence to the industry products and the domestic water supply. The probability that attacked by the typhoon is quite high. And then the flood follows. The typhoon Trami, Toraji and Nari attacked in 2001, the whole Taiwan occurred floods in many places and caused more than 200 extensive calamities. The calamity made casualties and social heavy loss of economy. The “702 flood” caused the floods in the middle part of Taiwan in 2004. In August, the Ellen typhoon caused landslide, debris flow, flood at Taoyuan country, Hsinchu country and the disaster in Shihmen Reservoir. At June12, 2005 there had been a flood in plain area of the southwest of Taiwan. Then at July 18, the Haitang typhoon cased the calamity is to be located at the middle and southern part of Taiwan. The land of Taiwan is limited, the flood detention pond is hard to reach correct volume of flood detention under limiting area; So it is necessary to adopt intercepting the run-off in the foothill. To set up the consecutive flood detention pond from the upstream to the downstream is an alternative, using farm land as the detention pond temporarily is another alternative. Not only lightening the flood calamity but also letting the rainwater permeate to recharge groundwater are good to Taiwan. Even then it would be regarded as the ecological pool or the wetland, for animals and plants which can say and count and have at one blow.
其他識別: 95農科-11.2.1-保-S1(13)
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