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標題: 地表逕流之截蓄保水設施對於生態農村輔助效益之研究(II)
The Study of Benefit Evaluation on the Interception and Storage Facilities for Surface Runoff Located in the Ecological Farm Area (II)
作者: 林昭遠
關鍵字: 水土資源保育, 農業環境保護;應用研究;Interception and Storage Facilities;截蓄保水設施;地表逕流;效益分析系統;生態農村規劃;Surface Runoff;Benefit Evaluation System;Ecological Farm Area Planning

The impermeable surface treatments are normally used in farm area planning for human convenient reason. However, the soil infiltration capacity, water resources conservation capability, and wildlife habitat are deteriorated. The weather improvement by the nature effects can not be reached. Even the worst, the hot island effect will increase the living environment temperature. Based on the traditional concepts on flood prevention, the precipitation is usually draining to neighboring area or drainage system. This method causes a big challenge to public drainage system for shorter concentration time and higher peak discharge. Normally, the depression area will be suffered in storm events during this condition. This project hopes to improve hydrologic cycle, wildlife habitat, micro-environment weather, drainage system cost, and greenhouse effect through site infiltration improvement and permeable facilities or wetland system establishment. Currently, the most used interception and storage facilities for surface runoff are detention tanks, agriculture ponds, wetlands, and permeable pavement. The purposes are focused on peak discharge reduction, peak arrival time retention, and providing aquatic spaces for biodiversity. This project are based on the soil and water conservation regulations, eco-building designing techniques, water storage facility functions, and other related theories. A benefit evaluation system is developed in this study to analyze the total placement effect and each facility unique value. Through the developed computer program, the site water resources conservation index can be quantified. The calculated results can be provided to farm area planning authorities and construction evaluation. This study also can be the support to slopeland conservation policy-making basis by the benefit evaluation system and on-field investigation. The conclusive targets of this study are providing the developed achievements to related staff, establishing the evaluation system on interception and storage facilities for surface runoff located in ecological farm area, promoting the interception and storage facilities for surface runoff in ecological farm area planning, and establishing the wetland theories and practices on the ecological farm area using interception and storage facilities.
其他識別: 95農科-11.2.1-保-S1(6)
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