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標題: 崩塌型土石流集水區總量估算之研究-子計畫:崩塌引發漂流木之運動機制與防制對策
Prevention Strategies and Motion Mechanisms of Drifted Wood Induced by Landslide
作者: 陳樹群
關鍵字: 林業類;應用研究;drifted woods;漂流木;崩塌體積;河川型態;防制工法;landslide volume;river morphology;mitigation method
台灣地區因山多平地少,自然環境條件本易造就土砂災害現象,加上大量人為開發進入敏感的山坡地區,造成土砂災害頻傳;然發生土砂災害的同時,漂流木的災害亦逐漸浮現。漂流木除造成水庫進水設施之損壞外,也常造成河川斷面阻塞導致溢堤洪水等災害,同時因木材珍貴性也易引發社會經濟問題,因此漂流木災害將是未來研究的重要議題。本研究主要分為三部份,第一部份將進行集水區崩塌地現場調查及DTM 分析,以評估崩塌潛勢,進而利用崩塌區域現地資料進行漂流木體積及遞移改變量之估算。第二部份乃藉由渠槽試驗方式,探討倒木進入河道成為漂流木後河川型態之改變,進而探討河川型態與漂流木之相互關係,以判斷該漂流木於何種水流強度或河川條件時之運動行為。第三部份為進行漂流木防範設施與治理工法之研究;研究當漂流木遭遇河川橫向構造物後,所產生之攔阻及土砂水流等運移情形;探討漂流木災害影響範圍,便於災害發生之前、中、後提供正確且快速之防範資訊。

The sediment-related-disasters have frequently occurred with heavy rainfall and takeserious tolls on people』s lives and properties in Taiwan. The drifted woods disastershappened with sediment-related-disasters because drifted woods damaged inflow apparatusin reservoir, produced flood by jammed cross section and broke embankment. Besides, thelogs were costly and produced many socioeconomic problems. Therefore, drifted logsdisasters research will be a critical issue in the future.This research is divided into three parts. The first part is to investigate the basin landslideand analyze the DTM, which is used to evaluate the landslide susceptibility. We employ fileddates to estimate the volume and delivery ratio of drifted logs. The second part is to useflume experiment. We discuss the relationship between drifted logs and river morphologywhen drifted logs float into the channel. The motion behaviors of drifted logs weredetermined by different kinds of flow strengths and river conditions. The third part is toresearch protective installation and managing technology about drifted logs. This researchstudies logs trap, sand motion and flow pattern while logs are coming across the crossstructure. We explore the influence areas to develop accurate and prompt protective waysbefore, intermediate and after the drifted logs disasters.
其他識別: NSC96-2625-Z005-001-MY3
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