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標題: 土石災害在坡地上之發生機制的探討-子計畫:礫石層邊坡土砂災害發生機制探討
The Study on Initial Machanism of Earth Disasters at Hillslope of Conglomerate Formation
作者: 游繁結
關鍵字: 林業類;應用研究;conglomerate formation;礫石層;崩塌;土石流;landslide;debris flow

In the conglomerate formation valley, the long term corrosion forms the slopefailure with going backward phenomenon to slope surface in the upstream, causesthe falling cobble and gravel stay in the toe region of hill slope and the originregion of valley, which becomes to the source of debris flow material when thetorrential rain happened. In addition, lateral corrosion of the ravine generatessteeply slopeland, intends the colluviums bring to valley, debris flow and other fluidstate along with runoff transporting to the downstream deposition. The depositionareas at the downstream of the conglomerate formation except to have the boulderconcentrating to the front, levees with huge amount of depositions are helpful forthe environment to generate debris flow in downstream area, make the valley ofconglomerate formation to grow unceasingly process of landslide, debris flow andfine grain particle erosion.This research take the conglomerate formation as the main research object,analysis the topographic, geological and the debris materials behavior to influentthe earth disasters flowing and deposing state, according to the theoretical analysis,the laboratory flume test and the field investigation, analysis under different slope,debris composition, water content condition possibly forms the fluid state and theinfluence area, provides helpfully the disaster control work of investigation, planand design.The research project as follows states:1. Collecting the domestic and foreign related literature about conglomerateformation geology, the materials behavior, landslide and debris flowmechanism of occurrence.2. Derive the theory formula of the slope failure at conglomerate formation.3. The investigation for earth disasters area at Ho-yan hill.4. The simulation of particle size of composition for conglomerate formationby laboratory flume test carries on occurrence process of earth disasters,analysis, possibly type of slope failure under different slope, the porosity,water content condition.5. The analysis on occurrence mechanism of earth disasters.
其他識別: NSC96-2625-Z005-006-MY3
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