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dc.description.abstractSince the torrent sediment-related disaster occurs in Taiwan area frequently, that suchconstruction as check dam is always used to restrain its occurrence; however, the design ideaof applicable check dam still takes the frequent years of flood as the fixed number of years fordesign, and expects to block all sediments on the upstream of check dam. In considerationof the characteristics of sediments in the watershed, the resource of sediments could bedivided into three parts as earthquake, flood and river sediment transportation, so using thefixed number of years for use to design the check dam will show the trouble in over/underestimating the sediment volume; moreover, completely blocking sediments will result indownstream river losing the supplements of sediments that cannot achieve the dynamicalequilibrium but produce the damage of ecological environment. In order to solve above twoproblems, this study considers the need of confining the influence level of check dam on rivercourse, therefore, it using the idea of five-stage classification of Taiwan's river morphology toorient the check dam so as to decide the time and space extent of function check dam candisplay. In addition, this study provides two ideas as river instream sediment discharge andcheck dam management so that check dam may satisfy both considerations asflood-prevention safety and sound ecology simultaneously. Thus, this study applies residentsafety demand and river ecology demand, disaster types and river sediments to build themanagement strategy of check dam, coordinating foreign and local scholars to analyze themechanism of sediments produced in watershed, and design the updated removable checkdam in order to satisfy the need of taking apart as necessary to check dam management.In addition, through scaled model test, this study obtains the instream sediment dischargeof river, and the situation of riverbed change that the nature and check dam involved in eachsediment stage. By the result of on-site investigation and flume experiment, this study canestablish the management planning strategy of check dam.en_US
dc.titleThe Comparative Effect of River Stabilization and Habitat Restoration on Sediment Control Countermeasuresen_US
dc.typeResearch Reportszh_TW
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