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標題: 野溪生態棲地改善調查及資料整合研究(II)
作者: 林信輝
關鍵字: 水土資源保育;應用研究;Creek;野溪;生態工程;棲地改善;生態指數;Ecological Engineering;Eco-Habitat Enhancement;Ecological Index

The main purposes of this study are having the eco-monitors in habitats with ecological engineering, and to build up techniques of the ecological engineering. Improving the problems such as the decrease of bio-species, decline of water quality, and disconnection of eco-corridors are the expectation of the study. Because the issue of ecological engineering is fairly extensive, so here we focus on collections, cases and the applicability of ecological engineering. It dose not only compares the variation of bio-species and water qualities, but also analysis the alteration of habitats in different land use condition under asynchronism period. The research results come out as graphic documents and publication for popularizing the application of ecological engineering, and creating the sustainability natural environment and better habitats.
其他識別: 97農科-11.5.2-保-S1(1)
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