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標題: 野溪集水區生態調查與圖說資料之整合分析
Meta-Analytic of Ecological Resourcr Survey and Diagram Information of Watershed in Streak
作者: 林信輝
關鍵字: 自然生態保育, 自然生態保育;應用研究;Ecological Engineering;生態工法;生態資源調查;生態監測;Ecological Resource Survey;ecological monitoring

水土保持局辦理多項有關生態工程之計畫,內容包含野溪棲地改善、邊坡穩定、土石流災區生態工程設計及國內外參考圖說建置等報告。 其中相關調查分析資料實際應用於治理工程規劃設計之案例仍需加強。 本計畫擬蒐集不同調查規劃報告中生態資源調查資料之分析結果,建置完整GIS圖層展示。並蒐集國內優良生態工程個案之設計圖說及現場成果照片加以整合分類,配合工程模擬圖之製作,編印圖說資料,供者參考。


One practicable application of investigation analysis of information management project planning and design of the case needed to be strengthened. This project intends to gather different surveys of ecological resources in the Planning Report and analysis of survey data results, build a complete GIS layer display. And to collect data on domestic cases of good ecological engineering design drawings and the outcome of integration of photographs classified with the engineering simulation diagram of the production, Printing graphic information for people references.
Focus of this research program including  collect total Ecological surveys information on the creek catchments, A Study of Ecological Monitoring and Assessment,Investigate the ecology habitat analysis on the creek catchments, Analysis of the ecological habitat change on the creek catchments, Collection of Eco-engineering-related drawings and simulated map data, Educational workshops, helping Consul of Agriculture to collect  science and technology plans.
其他識別: 98農科-7.5.1-保-S1(2)
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