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標題: 國有林崩塌地森林化之研究
Study on the Reforestation of Landslide Areas in National Forest
作者: 林德貴
關鍵字: 林業類;應用研究;landslide;崩塌地;國有林;森林化;national forest;reforestation

To achieve the reforestation of national forest, this project will perform a series of research works on the field sites selected by Forest Bureau, Council of Agriculture. Through the field survey of surrounding vegetation, suitability evaluation of vegetation materials in watershed, introduction of vegetation incorporated with the existing engineering structure, and feasibility evaluation of replanting, it becomes possible to provide the optimizing operation procedures for the common used ecological engineering method and the introduction of vegetation material in engineering practice. As a consequence, an appropriate and applicable vegetation technique system can be established readily.
The key points of the research work in year 2009 are summarized as follows:
1. Field investigations on the previous 3 engineering sites constructed by Hydro-Seeding with Wire-mesh Placement (HSWP). According to the field condition and current vegetation status (includes: herbaceous and arborous plants), to analyze the merits and demerits of HSWP constructed in national forest.
2. According to the characteristics of national forest, to establish at least 5 vegetation working methods which are suitable for the stabilization treatment of collapsed slope in national forest. In addition, the vegetation working methods are categorized by the slope angle and the geological condition.
3. Based on the analysis results of the existing HSWP construction sites and the current HSWP working method, the study on a multi-working method consisted of HSWP and tree plantation is carried out under different geological conditions, slope failure modes, wire mesh properties, basal materials of vegetation and vegetation conditions.
其他識別: 98農科-7.5.1-務-e3
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