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標題: 應用環境指標評估農村營造效益之研究
Evaluation the Creation Benefits of Rural Communities by Using Environmental Index
作者: 林昭遠
關鍵字: 農業環境保護, 農業推廣類;應用研究

Creation benefits of rural communities is an interdisciplinary science including disaster prevention, ecology, hydrology, landscape and so forth. There are diverse suitability indices for?application in each discipline. Moreover, different kind of rural communities need concern different scale, temporal, and spatial considerations. If an appropriate environmental index is selected for?evaluating creation benefits of rural communities?may reach better?results. Therefore, this study will collect and establish the most commonly used environmental indices for creation benefits of rural communities from different science fields. The elected environmental index assessment and selection for study site will be categorized according to their hierocratic structure such as geomorphic evolution, landscape changes, vegetation restoration, and water resources conservation capability and provided to environmental creations of the rural communities implementation. Finally, the environmental indices will be evaluated by integrated assessment and analysis and refereed as the design baseline for?rural community?environmental restoration.
其他識別: 99農科-5.2.3-保-S1(1)
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