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標題: 水庫集水區竹林棲地環境調查暨保育對策之研究(2/2)
Study on the environment and habitat investigation of bamboo forests and their conservation strategy in reservoir watershed(2/2)
作者: 林信輝
關鍵字: 水土資源保育, 自然生態保育;應用研究;reservoir watershed;水庫集水區;竹林棲地;環境保育;bamboo forest habitat;environment conservation

With the impact of global warming, the climate change and the extreme rainfall have emerged in Taiwan that the management and the governance of the reservoir catchment areas have become more difficult. Particularly, the torrential rain brought by typhoons has resulted in great areas of new landslide debris in recent years that sand disasters are further generated. Bamboo forests are considered as special vegetation that the pure bamboo forests in catchment areas present exclusiveness on other plants so that the biological resources are rather dull. Moreover, the root systems of bamboo forests are shallow that they appear fewer functions on water conservation in catchment areas, in comparison with ordinary forest vegetation. The ageing of bamboo forests also results in the bamboo forest lack of the barrier to obstruct rainfall and slow down erosion that land degradation is likely to occur. Aiming at the typical bamboo forests in the reservoir catchment areas in northern, central, and southern Taiwan as the research regions, this study preceded evaluations of functional environments, problem analyses of sand disasters, investigations on soil and vegetation structures, and functional analyses of soil-root systems. Finally, the conservation strategies were proposed to the conservation management in catchment areas. The Phyllostachys bambusoides forests in northern areas, the dendrocalamus affinis forests in central areas, and the bambusa stenostachya forests in southern areas were selected as the research subjects. By collecting the distribution of different bamboos, the soil attributes of the forests, and the habitat characteristics, same types of bamboo forests were preceded Gap analyses of present vegetation sites. Furthermore, the governance engineering for bamboo forest landslide debris and the related conservation measures were organized. Based on the relevant research data and the organized data, the management and the governance strategies for the conservation in reservoir catchment areas were developed for future reference.
其他識別: MOEAWRA1000085
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