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標題: 天然林與經人工經營之林地其崩塌地發生之差異性原因探討
A Study of Differences between Natural and Artificial Forests in Landslide Occurrence
作者: 林昭遠
關鍵字: 水土資源保育;應用研究;Natural forest;天然林;崩塌地;人工林;Landslide;Artificial forest

National forests are often located at the upstream of catchment areas with decent year-round vegetation. However, due to severe climate change in the recent years, heavy rain often occurs when typhoons struck Taiwan, and this resulted in serious sediment disasters caused by the long duration of rainfall. In 2009, Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan and brought heavy rain which resulted in the destruction of many national forests and the sedimentation of rivers in the central and southern parts of Taiwan. This then created more than ten billion cubic meters of sediment and endangered the lives and properties of people living at downstream areas. Investigation have shown that landslides often occur at areas with natural forests with good vegetation areas, causing people to doubt the preservation work of forests; therefore, thorough investigation and further examination of the environmental characteristics of collapsed areas is essential. This project integrates relevant mechanism and impact factors by using previous studies and also analyzes landslides by collecting relevant GIS map data. This project then investigates the utilization of nearby lands to discover the factors that cause the destruction of forest lands, to generalize the different types of landslides in each respective area, and therefore analyze them. The same process of investigating the usage of nearby lands will be performed again to discover the impact factors that cause the collapse, to set contingency measures, and to further understand the characteristics of artificial and natural forests. This study will be able to clarify misgivings of forest preservation and the relationship between landslides and nearby areas. By classifying the mechanism of landslide occurrence induced from different sites and their land-use conditions, this study provides reference information for future forest management.
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