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標題: 農產資源科學學門規劃研究推動計畫
99 年度農產資源科學學門規劃研究推動計畫
作者: 顏國欽
關鍵字: 生物科學類;基礎研究
生物處99 年度業務推動共分為14 學門,分別是分別為「生物學」2 學門、「農學」2 學門、和「醫學」10 學門,而每一學門邀請一位學者擔任學門召集人。學門召集人之職掌為1)協助專題研究計畫申請案之推動及審查;2)出席學門召集人會議,協助國科會相關業務之推展;3) 出席國際會議、海外學人來華演講與短期科學技術指導、及延攬研究人才等申請案之審查;4)協助撰寫該學門研究成果年報或協助,並提供該學門臨時性相關學術資料;5) 國際合作雙邊科技合作(合作領域規劃、優先合作項目建議、人員互訪交流等)、補助國內舉辦國際學術研討會、補助團隊參與國際學術組織會議及補助跨國產學合作交流及專業人才培訓等申請案之審議;以及6)其他學門相關業務之諮詢、規劃與推動等。農產資源科學學門未來之推動將會涵蓋食品、漁業、農化、農藝、園藝、畜牧、獸醫、及實驗動物等。近年來,雖然這些學科之相互之間的交集不太多,然結合分子生物、生化等方法以提升研究品質已為發展趨勢。未來將推動各領域間之整合工作,建立跨學門研發平台,開啟較有創意而深入的研發工作提生本學門之研究水準。

The Department of Life Sciences in 2010 is composed of 14 disciplines, having2 disciplines in biology, 2 disciplines in agriculture, and 10 disciplines inmedical study. Each discipline would invite a research scholar to serve as thediscipline coordinator. The duties of each discipline coordinator include: (1)promoting the applications and reviews of research projects; (2) attending themeeting for discipline coordinators and giving impetus to the missions ofNational Science Council; (3) reviewing the application cases for theattendances at international conferences, speeches of overseas scholars,short-term technical guidance, and talent recruitment; (4) assisting thepreparation of annual research reports of the particular disciplinary andproviding relevant academic information; (5) reviewing the applications ofinternational cooperation (such as planning of cooperation area , suggesting thepriority of projects, and researchers exchange and visit, etc.), grants forinternational symposium, grants for the participation of international academicorganization conferences, and grants for international academic-industrycooperation, and professional training; and (6) supporting the consultation,planning, and promotion works among different disciplines. The forthcomingmission of the agricultural resource science discipline will cover food, fishery,agricultural chemistry, agronomy, horticulture, animal science, veterinary, andlaboratory animals. Although there was limited interaction among differentdisciplines in recent years, using both the molecular biology and biochemistryapproaches to improve the quality of research have become a trend.Interdisciplinary cooperation will be promoted and interdisciplinary researchplatform will also be established, hence to encourage more creative andin-depth research works to increase the research quality of different disciplines.
其他識別: NSC99-2312-B005-002
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