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標題: 以模式系統探討酪梨汁混濁安定性及其修飾技術之研究
Study on the Examination of the Muddy Stability and Modified Technology of Avocado Juice by Modulated System
作者: 江伯源
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究;avocado juice;酪梨汁;混濁安定機制;修飾劑;沉澱;食用膠;muddy stable mechanism;modifier;sediments;edible gums
酪梨汁具有亮麗色澤 、味香、滑溜、爽口及良好消費接受性,其含粗脂質、粗蛋白較高,混濁安定性成為品質重要指標,其易受到組成分、加工處理(冷凍、加熱、酸鹼、均質)及添加物之影響產生變異,可能發生乳狀上浮、沉澱、凝聚、絮凝、相分離等現象。如何確保酪梨汁品質在及防止膠體懸濁物,沉澱之形成,是重要之研究課題。本計畫“以模式系統探討酪梨汁混濁安定性及其修飾技術之研究”,以國產酪梨為材料,針對造成酪梨汁品質不安定之組成分、沉澱物導入“模式化”及“電荷修飾概念”,以期能瞭解酪梨汁混濁安定機制及改善技術評估。本計畫以三年三大主題進行系列研究,第一年“以加工及添加物模式系統對酪梨汁流變性質及混濁安定機制之評估”擬針對加工處理及添加物等對酪梨汁品質安定性影響因子之探討,並針對其修飾效果進行評估、比較。第二年“以微奈米導電度(電荷)修飾模式系統對酪梨汁混濁安定性及修飾效果評估”擬針對組成分、沉澱物進行分析,並進行導電度修飾技術─pH、金屬離子、修飾劑等”,並建立“修飾”之核心技術。第三年“酪梨汁導電度修飾模式及二次修飾效果評估”,擬以酪梨汁沉澱物進行二次導電度修飾,並回填酪梨汁,評估其改善效果。

Avocado juice possesses bright colors, aroma, smoothness, delicious mouth-feel and is greatly accepted by consumers. It contains higher amounts of crude fat and crude protein. Its muddy stability is an important index of quality. It is easily affected by its composition, processing treatments (freezing, heating, acidizing, homogenization) and additives, thereby, showing different changes, like creaming, sedimentation, coagulation, flocculation, phase separation, etc. The process to maintain quality of avocado juice and the prevention of hanging of the colloid and formation of precipitation in the processing treatment and finished product of avocado juice is an important research topic.In this project, “Study on the examination of the muddy stability and modified technology of avocado juice by modulated system”, domestically produced avocado is used as the raw materials. It aims at inducing the composition and sediments, which causes quality instability, into “modulated” and “charge-modification concepts”, so as to understand the muddy stability mechanism and to estimate the technological improvement of avocado juice. This project carries out a series of researches on three major topics in three years. During the first year, “Estimation of the affects of the processing and additive modulated system on the changes and muddy stability mechanism of avocado juice “ aims at examining the affects of processing treatments and additives on the quality stability of avocado juice and also, on the estimation and comparison of modified results. During the second year, “Estimation of the affects of micronano-electric conduction (charge) modified model system on the muddy stability and modified results of avocado juice” aims at carrying out analysis of the composition and sediments and to carry out electric conduction modified technology, pH, metal ions, modifier, etc., and also to establish the core technologies of “modification”. During the third year, “Estimation of electric conduction modified model and secondary modified results of avocado juice”, aims at carrying out secondary electric conduction modification on the sediments of avocado juice, and also to re-feed the avocado juice, so as to estimate and improve the results.
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-004
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