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標題: 發酵暨酵素處理對茶花花粉免疫調節等機能性作用之探討
Study of Fermentation and Enzymatic Treatments on Functional Properties of Camellia Pollen Including Immunomodulation
作者: 陳錦樹
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究;Camellia pollen;茶花花粉;自由基;多酚類;抗氧化;發酵處理;酵素處理;生物轉換;免疫調節;細胞培養;機能性;官能品評;free radicals;polyphenols;antioxidant activity;fermentation-treated;enzymatic treatment;biotransformation;immunomodulation;cellculture;functional properties;sensory evaluation
花粉是植物的雄性孢子,具世代繁衍的功能。花粉在很早就已成為東西方貴族及皇家利用做為保健養生之用。歷代本草書中,可搜尋到對花粉久服輕身,耐老延年的相關記載。花粉除含大量複合營養素外,亦為具抗氧化潛力的植物性化學物質(phytochemicals)的良好來源。茶樹是臺灣重要的蜜粉源植物之一,茶花之蜂花粉已是本土最大宗重要商品蜂花粉,口感香甜清新。本研究延續上一年度(97 年)計畫,以茶花花粉(Camellia pollen)為研究對象。在上一年度計畫中,初步結果顯示接種黑麴菌(Aspergillus niger)至花粉中進行發酵可有效破壞花粉細胞壁,進而提高花粉發酵液之蛋白質、多酚類濃度和抗氧化活性,值得繼續探討以提高花粉之生物利用率並開發成機能性食品素材。本計畫擬分二年進行,第一年將花粉以黑麴菌發酵或其酵素處理後,比較生物處理前後花粉之形態、貯存安定性、抗氧化活性、多酚及多醣類成份變化,以及做為乳酸菌Lactobacillus casei 發酵之基質之可能性。另亦探討上述生物處理對花粉之抑菌性和抗致突變性之影響。在第二年則將繼續探討上述生物處理對花粉之免疫調節、抗過敏之影響,以及利用體外細胞進行抗肝癌細胞(HepG2)及護肝機能之評估,最後進行生物處理前後對花粉官能品評之影響探討。

Pollen is a fine to coarse powder consisting of pollen grains, which producethe sperm cells (male gametes) of seed plants. Throughout history, bee pollenhas been used as a food. People regarded bee pollen to be very beneficial tohealth. Pollen contains lots of nutrients, including phytochemicals, which aregood source of antioxidants.In this project, bee pollen from a domestic tea plant Camellia is used. TheCamellia pollen, which tastes sweet and smells good, is the most valuableproduct among bee products sold in Taiwan. This project is the continuationof the project undertaking (i.e. NSC 97), which uses Camellia pollen as theraw material. Since the preliminary results showed that cell walls of the pollenwere considerably broken after inoculation of the pollen with Aspergillus niger,this led to the increases in concentrations of protein and polyphenols of pollen,and antioxidant activities, too. Therefore, these results encourage us tocontinue to study further in the coming years.The project will cover several items and will be finished in two years. Inthe first year, items to be studied include changes in the microscopicobservation, storage stability, antioxidant activities, and polyphenols ofpollen before and after biotransformations exerted by fermentation of Asp.niger and/or hydrolysis of the broth filtrate. The feasibility of using thefermented pollen as the fermentation medium of a lactic acid bacteriumLactobacillus casei will also be investigated. Moreover, effects ofbiotransformations on the bactericidal activity and anti-mutagenicity ofpollens will be studied, too. In the second year, the effects ofbiotransformations on immunomodulatory and anti-allergenic functions ofpollens, and their in vitro anti-carcinogenic abilities using HepG2 cell linewill be investigated. Finally, a sensory evaluation on the pollen productsbefore and after these biotransformations will be performed.
其他識別: NSC98-2221-E005-026
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