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標題: 生物轉換技術在萃取米糠機能性成分植酸與多、寡糖上之應用
Application of Biotransformation Techniques on Extractig Functional Components of Phytic Acid and Saccharides from Rice Bran
作者: 陳錦樹
關鍵字: 食品科技;Rice bran;米糠;defatted rice bran;soluble rice bran saccharides;rice branhemicellulose;rice bran oligosaccharides;phytic acid;enzymatic treatment;fermentation treatment;antioxidant activity;biotransformation;脫脂米糠;水溶性米糠多醣;米糠半纖維素;米糠半纖維素寡糖;植酸;酵素處理;發酵處理;抗氧化活性;生物轉換;應用研究
米糠是稻穀在去殼、碾白過程中產生之主要副產物,約佔稻穀的5-10%。米糠富含脂質、蛋白質和粗纖維,並含有豐富之維生素E 與B 群、礦物質等成分。另外,米糠尚含有γ-米糠醇、米糠多醣和肌醇六磷酸酯(又稱植酸)等具抗氧化、抗癌、降血脂與護肝等保健功能的生理活性物質。不過,國內因米糠含高活性脂解酶,極容易發生氧化性酸敗等品質劣化現象,不耐貯藏進而限制其利用性,實在可惜。本研究擬以米糠為原料,進行米糠之去油後,再進行澱粉酶、澱粉糖化酶及蛋白酶酵素處理;或接種米麴菌與黑黴菌進行輕度固態發酵,將米糠進一步精製,並從殘渣中回收植酸。其次,以精製米糠為基質,製備水溶性米糠多醣、米糠半纖維素及米糠半纖維素寡糖等有用成分。最後,將探討上述有用成分之抗氧化活性、乳酸菌增殖能力以及促進醋酸菌生產生物纖維素之可能性。期能改善米糠貯藏定性並從中開發一些具良好機能性之食品素材,進而提高稻米加工副產品之附加價值。

Rice bran is a by-product of the rice milling process (polishing of brown rice to whiterice), and accounts for 5-10% of paddy weight. It is well known that rice bran containsabundant oil, protein, and crude fiber. In addition, it also contains a high level of vitamins(vitamin E and vitamin B complex) and minerals. Moreover, some active materials such asγ-oryzanol, rice bran polysaccharide and inositol hexaphosphate (i.e. phytic acid) are alsofound in rice bran, which have beneficial functions of antioxidant activity, anticancer,hypolipidemic and liver protection. However, utilization of rice bran is limited in Taiwan dueto the rapid oxidative rancidity, catalyzed by lipase, of lipid component. In the present study,rice bran is used and defatted. The defatted rice bran is then treated with some commercialproteases and starch-degrading enzymes such as α-amylase and glucoamylase; Or isfermented slightly by Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger, in order to refine the bran.Meanwhile, the recovery of phytic acid from residue produced after treatments of deffatedrice bran is also performed. The refined rice bran is subsequent to the production ofpolysaccharide and oligosaccharide, and determination of the antioxidant activity. Finally,applications of these functional substances on selectively promoting growth of lactic acidbacteria; and stimulating production of bacterial cellulose by Acetobacter xylinum will beinvestigated. The storage stability of rice bran is expected to be improved, and somecomponents with good functionalities are developed in this study. This in turn increases theadded-value of byproducts after processing of rice.
其他識別: NSC99-2221-E005-001
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