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標題: 100年度 [生鮮即食及截切蔬果病原菌汙染衛生情形評估研究]委託辦理計畫
An assessment study on pathogenic bacteria contamination of fresh cut fruits and vegetables
作者: 溫曉薇
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究;生鮮截切蔬果;病原菌;法規
生鮮截切蔬果提供現代人快速、方便、均衡的營養,近幾年越來越受消費者的喜愛。然而該類產品在販售前會進行輕度的加工,如清洗、去皮、截切等步驟,在過程中會使得蔬果組織受到傷害,進而增加微生物污染的風險。微生物汙染不但會降低商品的保存期限,也會造成食品中毒而危害國人健康。尤其病原菌導致的食品中毒一直在我國食品中毒案件統計中排名第一,因此我國需擬定一套完整生鮮截蔬果之病原菌衛生標準與規範,提供廠商遵循並保障消費者飲食健康。 近年來國人外食人口的增加,與國人保健觀念的強化,食用生鮮即食產品的消費族群日益擴大。為保障國人在食用生鮮即食產品的衛生,本計畫將調查國內生鮮即食及截切蔬果加工業者及末端販賣業者之產品,分析其4大類產品(葉菜類、根莖類、芽菜類及水果類)中是否有病原菌(包含仙人掌桿菌、李斯特菌、沙門氏菌、產氣莢膜桿菌和腸炎弧菌)的汙染情形。另外,計畫中同時進行國際間生鮮即食及截切蔬果之病原菌相關資訊與法規的蒐集,並將此資料與此計畫的檢測調查結果進行比對與分析,提供國際間現行法案的執行趨勢分析,協助我國政府制定完整與合理的法規管理規範,以提升國人飲食安全。

Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are convenient and nutritional for people. Therefore, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables have become more popular in recent years. However, before selling, these products will be treated in some minimal processing steps, such as washing, peeling and cutting etc., which make the fruit tissue injured and then increased the risk of microbial contamination. The contamination of microbial not only reduces the shelf-life of products but also causes foodborne outbreaks. Especially, food pathogen caused foodborne outbreaks frequently is the primary cause of foodborne diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to develop complete sanitation standards of food pathogens in fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, for the manufactures to follow and then to protect consumers against food poisoning. Nowadays the out-dining population has increased and the idea of eating healthy foods has been established; thus, more and more people are willing to buy the fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. For ensuring the hygiene quality of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, this study will investigate four different products of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables (leafy vegetables, roots, sprouts, and fruits) from manufactures or retails to exam the presence of five major food pathogens, including Bacillus cereus, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella spp., Clostridium perfringens, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus. Moreover, we will also collect the worldwide information and sanitization standards about food pathogens in fresh cut fruits and vegetables. In order to establish a comprehensive and practicable regulation for fresh cut fruits and vegetables to elevate the food safety level in Taiwan, the information will be used compare with our own legislation and the investigation results of this study.
其他識別: DOH100-FDA-31805
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