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標題: 菱角殼纖維/乳酸菌製備多層次-複合釋控粒子技術及功能性修釋評估
Multiple Layered-Controlled Release Composite Particles Technology and Functional Modification Estimation of Water Caltrop Hull Fiber Latic Acid Bacteria Preparation
作者: 江伯源
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究
Water caltrop is one of the important autumn vegetables grown in Taiwan. The outerhull contains diverse polyphenol compound and its composition mainly consists of cellulose,hemi-cellulose and lignin. It possesses high anti-oxidation capability and there is anincreasing trend in the water holding capacity, oil holding capacity, bulk density, solubility,ion-exchange capacity and swelling power through the micronizataion of water caltrop hullfiber. This is an excellent natural dietary fiber and materials for anti-oxidation. Lactic acidbacteria are an important probiotics in the intestinal tract and are often used inmicroencapsulation to increase viability and maintain its activity. This project uses the watercaltrop hull fiber micropowder as the raw materials and uses multi-porous structures to carryout “mixing”, soaking (osmosis), vacuum regulation technology with fructo oligosaccharid, water caltrop starch, along with fluidized bed and alginate-Ca hydrogeltechnology to carry out: “Preparation of water caltrop hull fiber / lactic acidbacteria”multi-layered—controlled released composite particles “technologicaldevelopment” in the first year; “Preparation of water caltrop hull fiber / lactic acidbacteria”multi-layered—controlled released composite particles “functional modificationestimation and improvement” in the second year. The alginate-Ca hydrogel (outer layer) isused to prevent gastric acid. Moreover, the water caltrop hull fiber, probiotics, water caltropstarch coating in the intestinal tract are used to increase the activity and viability, so as tobring out the efficiencies of the probiotics, anti-oxidation dietary fiber and prebiotic. It ishoped that a healthier purpose can be obtained. Besides the different types ofmulti-layer—controlled released composite particles—granulation and release mechanism inthe experimental process, the functionality and external biological activity in the intestinaltract are analyzed and various granulation conditions, influencing factors and granulationquality analysis are carried out to obtain the preparation of controlled release particles,release and controlled release effects and objectives. The project hopes that the granulationhypotheses, experimental methods can be used to carry out released particles preparationtechnology and establish the importance of “theoretical technology”. In future, it can beprovided as references for release kinetics, osmotic pressure controlled membrane anddifferent healthy and functional food development and quality improvement. It can also beused to assist in the enhancement of granulation and release technology of the food industry.

其他識別: NSC100-2221-E005-002-MY2
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