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標題: 劉健哲-農村居民終身學習永續發展指標系統之建立(Ⅱ)
A Research to Construct Sustainable Development Indicator System of Villager Life-Long Learning( II )
作者: 蔣憲國
關鍵字: 其他(社會);基礎研究;Villagers;Life-long learning;Sustainable development

The key points of the second year research as:1. Through statistics analyses, and concrete analyses under the different development phase ofindividual inhabitant or village, try to evaluate the practicability situation and itsdevelopment trend of the first years’ Villager Life-long Learning Sustainable DevelopmentIndicator System. Assured that the various connections of the indicator system go a stepfurther to clarify the relationship between the indicator structure and its detailed indicators.2. Analyses the important selection principles to the Villager Life-long Learning SustainableDevelopment Indicator System whether conforms to the feasibility of operation, objectivity,long-term observation and obtaining the information material easily to carry on theanalysis.That is, this year’s research will focus on i.e. position、learning resources、modernizedlevel and etc. for different types of rural community; especially for those who have previouslyengaged in the community development, to experiment a practical verification of theusability、objectivity、maneuverability and etc. of the “Villager Life-long Learning SustainableDevelopment Indicator System” which draws up in the first year’s project, thus establish thevillager’s affiliation to the life-long learning and become the participant、promoter、integratorand the navigator for the community development; practicing mainly on the concrete aspectof the “Villagers Subject-Formation Development Target System”, to carry out the villagerlife-long learning to be planned、structured and systematized.
其他識別: NSC97-2410-H005-033
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