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標題: 「能源與環境」非制式教育計畫-在地化農業與節能減碳-有機農夫市集
Civic Agriculture and 'Energy-Saving and Carbon-Reduction'- Organic Farmers' Market
作者: 董時叡
關鍵字: 科學教育;應用研究;Civic Agriculture;市民農業;有機農業;在地化;節能減碳;農夫市集;Organic Agriculture;Localization;Energy-saving andCarbon-reduction;Farmers' Market

Global warming and food safety/security are two common problems around the world that“energy-saving and carbon-deduction” is proposed to be the best solution in future. Thisissue, in essence, is deeply concerned with agricultural practice. In the past decade, civicagriculture has emerged to advocate local production and consumption to attain this goal.Among the practice approaches, farmers' market should be one of the best to save energy, interms of food miles, and reduce carbon emission. This project is aimed to hold variousactivities related to this issue based on the community formed by an organic farmers' marketwhich was built up by the National Chung-Hsing University in September, 2007. By meansof practicing a variety of “Energy-saving and Carbon-reduction” programs within thiscommunity, the participants will learn the idea and experience the advantages. Hopefully, itwill affect more and more people in this society and consequently benefit the sustainabilityof the whole world.
其他識別: NSC97-2514-S005-002-NEP
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