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標題: 酒類添加物使用範圍及用量標準研擬之研究
The Study of Standard of Additives Using in Wines
作者: 王苑春
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究;wines;酒類;添加物;使用範圍;用量標準;additives;Using range;using standard

In this study, a protocol of standard of additives using in wines will draw up, for which according to both the laws and regulations of other nations and analytical results of wines produced in Taiwan. By this study, we try to promote the quality of internal wines and ensure the health of compatriots. Additionally, there will have laws and regulations to be obey for government, manufacturer and other concerned people.Methods of this study bring into practice as follows: collection of official laws and regulations of other countries or organizations, analyzing additives of wines which are imported or produced in Taiwan, a protocol of standard of additives using in wines to be proposed, and other practicable suggestions or applicated methods for government and manufacturer to be brought up.
其他識別: DOH94-TD-F-113-020
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