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標題: 國產米食機能&營養粒子-抗結塊、消費適口性及釋放特性提升技術之研究
Study on the Enhanced Technology of the Functions of Domestic Rice and Its Nutritional MicrogranulesAnti-Caking, Consumer Acceptance and Release Properties
作者: 江伯源
關鍵字: 食品科技;技術發展;rice;稻米;造粒;稻米機能萃取液;安定化;感官品評;釋放特性;granulation;functional extracted liquid of rice hull;stabilization;sensory evaluation;release properties
1. 米食機能及營養粒子造粒技術研發
2. 國產稻米(漿)(粳、秈、糯)成膜性及吸濕性評估
3. 多層次包覆(coating)技術及提升機能及營養性評估
4. 米食機能粒子抗吸濕、結塊技術研發
5. 米食機能粒子消費口感、接受性改善探討
6. 米食機能粒子釋放特性評估與修飾技術研發

Rice is the most important food in Taiwan. It is abundant in carbohydrate, dietary fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C and mineral. They are important topics to raise the consumption and develop the multiple applications in the food made by rice. This study tries to use the stabilized rice bran, functional extracted liquid of rice hull and pregelatinized rice and cereal milk to make the function and nutritional microgranules. Moreover, this study uses the multicoating-granulation technology, such as fluid bed, spray dry, coating and agglomeration, to modify the caking, sensory and release properties. It is hoped that developing the enhanced technology of the functions of domestic rice and its nutritional microgranules. In the future, we can provide the this technology, high consumption and quality products to domestic rice mill, flour mill and health foods industry. The following is the experiment.
1. Developing the enhanced technology of the functions of domestic rice and its nutritional microgranules.
2. Study on the film forming and moisture absorption properties of domestic rice or rice and cereal milk.
3. Study on the raising functional and nutritional properties by multicoating-granulation technology.
4. Study on anti-humidity and anti-caking technology of rice made functional microgranules.
5. Study on sensory test and consumer acceptance of rice made functional microgranules.
6. Study on release properties and improvement technology of rice made functional microgranules.
其他識別: 101農科-9.2.1-糧-Z3(5)
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