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標題: 知識經濟之農業推廣專業人力發展研究-四健推廣員核心能力之研究
The Study of Extension Human Resource Development in Knowledge Economy-Study on the Core Competencies of 4-H Extension Agents
作者: 黃晶瑩
關鍵字: 農業推廣類;應用研究

For facing knowledge economy situation, rural youth should prepare the ability of social adaptation and social competition. Therefore it is important of 4-H extension education because it offers systematic learning opportunity to rural youth. The successful 4-H extension education depends on the requirement of core competencies of 4-H extension agents. Therefore this research will study the core competencies as well as the different typology of the competencies of 4-H extension agents. It is hoped that the result of this research should submit some suggestions to the certification of 4-H extension agents.
其他識別: 91農科-1.6.4-輔-#1(6)
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