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標題: 從分析鄉村型社區大學探討農業推廣與終身學習體系連結關係之研究
Research on the Relationship between Agricultural Extension and Lifelong Learning Systems Based on Analyses of Rural Community Colleges
作者: 陳姿伶
關鍵字: 應用研究;農業推廣類
The primary aim of this study is to investigate whether interactions exist between two systems of lifelong learning and agricultural extension by analyzing the rural community colleges. At the beginning, a review and analysis of the related literature are carried out to determine a set of criteria helping identify the rural community colleges targeted for research. Additionally, content analysis is adopted to examine the curricula offered by those rural community colleges as well as explore how educational or instructional resources are located and used for operation. Moreover, a questionnaire survey is developed to understand the learning motives and learning satisfaction of adult learners who had registered the agricultural-related courses in those colleges. Based on the results concluded and revealed in this study, not only the relationship between two systems of lifelong learning and agricultural extension can be confirmed, but also proposal of future development of cooperative linkage between these systems for educational resources' sharing and integration is recommended.

其他識別: 92農科-1.6.4-輔-#1(19)
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