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標題: 食品及臨床樣品中傷寒、鼠傷寒及腸炎沙門氏菌同時檢測用多套式PCR套組發展與應用
Development of a Multiplex PCR System for the Simultaneous Detection of Salmonella typhi, S. typhimurium and S. enteritidis in Food and Clinical Samples
作者: 曾浩洋
關鍵字: 應用研究;Salmonella typhi;食品科技, 生物技術;鼠傷寒及腸炎沙門氏菌;免疫磁珠;多套式聚合酶鏈反應;S. typhimurium;S. enteritidis;Immunobeads;Multiplex PCR
傷寒(Salmonella. typhi),鼠傷寒(S. typhimurium)及腸炎沙門氏菌(S. enteritidis)為沙門氏菌食物中毒與疾病感染的重要病原菌。由於傳統的分離與鑑定此類沙門氏菌方法,包括預培養、選擇性培養基培養及生化型試驗,鑑定其為沙門氏菌外,另需進行其O抗原、Vi抗原及H抗原之血清學鑑定,證實其為鼠傷寒、傷寒抑或腸炎沙門氏菌,非常耗時,緩不濟急。本研究的目的,擬發展一套可同時檢測常見的S. typhimurium, S. enteritidis及S. typhi之二套式或三套式聚合酶鏈反應套組(multiplex PCR),探討其對各目標菌之檢測靈敏度及可靠性。此外,並包括使用本套組於不同食品及臨床樣品中目標菌之檢測時,樣品之處理條件,包括免疫磁珠-PCR技術之應用,本研究結果對於細菌性食品中毒原因的了解及沙門氏菌感染的防範將有助益。目前的研究,在免疫磁珠-PCR技術的應用上,已發表SCI論文一篇,而在沙門氏菌多套式PCR組合方面,已完成二套式或三套式PCR套組,可同時檢驗傷寒、鼠傷寒以及腸炎沙門氏菌之存在。

S. typhi, S. typhimurium and S. enteritidis are three of the most common Salmonella species which may cause food-borne disease and salmonellosis. The conventional methods for detection and identification of S. typhimurium, S. typhi and S. enteritidis include preculture, selective enrichment, biotypes identification and serotyping for O, Vi and H antigens. According to the O, Vi and H sero groups, strains of S. typhi, S. typhimurium and S. enteritidis can be identified. Such procedures are laborious and thus rapid methods are important. The purpose of this project is to develop duplex or triplex PCR systems which can be used for the simultaneous detection of S. typhimurium, S. enteritidis and/or S. typhi. Detection sensitivity and reliability for such PCR systems and the conditions, including the use of immunobead separation technique, for application of such systems on food and clinical samples, were also investigated. The achievements of this study will enable us to find out the cause of food-borne disease rapidly and to prevent the Salmonella infection. A SCI paper for the use of immuno-separation technique has been accepted for publication and the attempt to develop duplex and triplex PCR systems for the simultaueous detection of S. typhimurium, S. typhi and S. enteritidis was successful.
其他識別: DOH90-TD-1007
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