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dc.description.abstract糙米( Brown rice )即稻穀去殼後, 含米糠之穀物.糙米除了是維生素、礦物質、阿魏酸及植酸之極佳來源外, 亦可提供膳食纖維.又所含之米糠醇及生育醇( tocopherol )証明為降低血膽固醇及血脂肪之物質, 因此可作為食品中之抗氧化劑.本研究與福壽食品公司合作, 以省產原料糙米為主原料, 選擇含高量生育醇之果實種子類「芡實」為副原料, 利用雙軸擠壓機進行開發保健為主之產品, 除便捷食用外、提高米食製品之加工層次與價值外, 亦有抗氧化保健之效益.本計畫第一年已建立利用雙軸擠壓機製得之產品最適操作條件( 原料水分、進料速率、套筒溫度及螺軸轉速 ), 並完成各項加工參數及產品特性之測定; 於本年度擬探討產品本身之氧化情況( 硫氰酸鐵法、共軛雙烯法、TBA、ABTS法測定抗氧化能力 )及餵食本項保健食品後, 老鼠體內的抗氧化能力( TBA、ABTS、SOD活性 )、抗氧化酵素( SOD之mRNA及蛋白量 )之變化及檢測血液三酸甘油醇及膽固醇含量, 希能對人體健康有所助益.本年度重要工作項目為: ( 1 )探討產品本身之氧化情況( 硫氰酸鐵法、共軛雙烯法、TBA、ABTS ).( 2 )評估這項保健食品對老鼠體內的抗氧化酵素之影響, 並探討可能的有效成份.本研究之預期效益為: ( 1 )以糙米為主原料之保健食品產生對體內過氧化傷害( oxidative stress )的保護, 有助於本項保健食品的開發.( 2 )具產品之市場潛力.zh_TW
dc.description.abstractBrown rice, good source of the vitamin, mineral, ferulic acid, phytic acid and dietary fiber, can be consumed as functional foods.The tocopherol component has been proved to reduce the serum cholesterol and triglyceride, and it used as an antioxidant.In this study, brown rice chose as major material, and with E.ferox Salish., to make healthy snack or breakfast cereals by using twin-screw extruder.In the first year, the optimal processing conditions had been determined, which included the amounts of water added, feed rate, barrel temperature and screw speed, and the physicochemical properties and eating quality of final products also examined.In the 2nd year, the following work will be done: ( 1 )the anti-oxidative activities of puffed exudates will be examined by using the following methods, conjugated diene、TBA、ABTS etc., ( 2 )to use the SD rats, which fed the experimental samples, and the activity of the superoxide desmutase ( SOD )will be detected by mRNA and to determine the quality of protein in cell, ( 3 )to find out the amount of the four sub types of vit.E, and ( 4 )to measure the changes of the serum triglyceride and cholestorol in rats.The work items in this year will be to examine the anti-oxidative ability by four chemical methods, include ferric thiocyanate, conjugated diene, TBA, and ABTS, and to evaluate the effect of SOD in rat.The expecting contributions are: Brown rice based functional food can inhibit the oxidative stress, and this product has a high market potential.zh_TW
dc.title糙米應用於雙軸擠壓保健食品之開發及其抗氧化性之探討 (II)zh_TW
dc.titleStudies on the Functional Food Development and Its Anti-Oxidative Activity Based on Brown Rice by Twin Screw Extruder (II)en_US
dc.typeResearch Reportszh_TW
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