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標題: 中式傳統蔭油之自動化製麴研究
Studies on the Automatic Control Koji-Making Process for Traditional Chinese Inyu
作者: 柯文慶
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究
蔭油為台灣之特色產品之一, 本實驗擬將蔭油製程中之關鍵步驟-「製麴」改以機械化自動控制, 利用自動化的方式, 獲取最佳製麴條件, 將蔭油製造導向自動化大規模生產, 以提升蔭油在市場上之佔有率, 重新發揚屬於本省的傳統發酵製品.分項工作如下: 1.收集國內相關資料, 確立蔭油製作之方法.2.以不同的浸豆及加熱處理, 探討黑豆之蛋白質變性程度, 獲得最適黑豆蒸煮條件.3.以不同的溫度、製麴時間、豆麴厚度等, 進行自動化製麴最適條件之探討, 並將最終成品與傳統製法之生蔭油進行品質分析比較.預期效益: ( a )獲得最適蒸煮條件, 以期提高黑豆蛋白質利用率, 提升蔭油品質, 擴大其消費量, 提高黑豆之經濟價值.( b )建立機械式自動製麴的最適條件, 提升蔭油製程之自動化, 並期以此生產條件, 獲得高品質蔭油產品, 且可作為業者大規模生產蔭油之參考.( c )藉蔭油之自動化生產, 提升黑豆經濟價值.

Inyu is one of the traditional and characteristic products in Taiwan.In this study, we attempt to automates and mechanize the koji-making process which is a critical step to Inyu manufacture.By the way, we investigate the best koji-making conditions to lead to a automatic way of Inyu production on a large scale and to exalt our traditional fermented food again.The subdivided works are as follows: 1.To collect related data to ensure the processing conditions of Inyu.2.To get the best conditions with respect to different treatments of soaking and heating degree of protein denaturation.3.To use different temperature, time and thickness of beans to proceed automatic koji-making for developing the best condition and compare the product thus obtained with automatic control and traditional methods.The future results are as follows: 1.Raise the black soybean's total nitrogen conversion rate by getting the best cooking condition and promote quality of Inyu.2.Establish the optimum condition of automatic koji-making and intensify the production process to get high quality of Inyu for business owing to automatic large-scale procreation.3.Promote the economical value of black soybeans by automatized production of Inyu.
其他識別: 90農科-3.1.4-糧-Z1(5)
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