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標題: 稻米不同品種系其澱粉微細結構與米質品質之相關性研究
Studies on the Correlation between Starch Fine Structure and Textural Quality from Different Rice Varieties and Mutants
作者: 盧訓
關鍵字: 食品科技, 農藝;應用研究
選定台農67號及突變系7種與國外中直鏈二種( 20-25% )共9個品系, 進行澱粉微細結構之分析, 並探討對米質品質特性之影響.本實驗以九種直鏈澱粉含量不同之稻米: 包括台農67號及其突變系7種( 高直鏈30%二種、中直鏈20%二種及低直鏈10%二種, 與國外中直鏈( 20-25% )二種, 探討米澱粉之理化特性( 包含直鏈澱粉含量、連續糊化黏度、示差掃描熱分析、膨潤力、溶解度及酵素活性之測定 )及微細結構( 包含平均聚合度、平均鏈長、藍價之分析 )及流變特性之相關性.本研究之預期效益為: 1.建立分析台農67號不同稻米品系品質之技術.2.分析台農67號之高直鏈、中直鏈及低直鏈澱粉不同品系之澱粉理化特性及微細結構.

Chosen nine varieties rice ( TNG67, it's six variety mutants rice and two foreign varieties )to analyse stach fine structure and elucidate the relationship between starch fine structure and rice texture quality.In this study, six varieties of the mutants rice ( two kind of high amylose, two kind of medium amylose ( 20% )and two kind of low amylose )and TNG67, which obtained from Taiwan Agricultural Research Intsitute and two kind of medium amylose ( 20-25% )which are American and Japanese varieties, were used as test samples.The physicochemical properties of starch includes amylose content, swelling power, solubility, amylase activity and the pasting behaviors were determined.The fine structure of starch includes average chain length ( CL ), average degree of polymerization ( DP ), blue value and the rheological propreties were also examined.The relationship between the physicochemical properties and fine structure was elucidated.The expected contributions will be: 1.establishing the analysis technology of different varieties rice of TNG672.analyse the physicochemical properties and fine structure of rice starch which include high amylose, medium amylose and low amylose content varieties of TNG67.
其他識別: 90農科-1.1.1-糧-Z1(2)
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