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標題: 紅麴薏仁之製備及其機能性成份之評估
Preparation of Monascal Adlay and Evaluation of Its Functional Properties
作者: 毛正倫
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究
薏仁具特殊生理機能之成分而有抗腫瘤性及降血脂作用; 紅麴菌亦會產生多種對人類有益的代謝產物, 具有降低膽固醇、降低血壓、抗氧化的特性.薏仁及紅麴皆具有對人體有效之保健機能性成分, 目前已有業者將紅麴接種薏仁, 得到紅麴薏仁之新產品.紅麴之代謝產物賦予薏仁鮮紅色澤, 但是否賦予其發酵食品優質香氣和甘甜味道及其機能性成份是否保留原紅麴及薏仁之有效成分或具加乘保健功能效果? 在加工後, 貯藏期間薏仁油脂及色澤的安定性如何? 這些並無學者研究.故本研究之目的為: 第一年擬將不同紅麴菌接種於紅薏仁而製成紅麴薏仁之新產品, 測定膽固醇合成抑制劑( Monacolin K )之含量, 選擇Monacolin K產量高之紅麴薏仁評估其品質( 一般成分、膳食纖維、呈味及香味測定 )及其貯藏期間油脂及色素安定性, 第二年擬測定紅麴薏仁抗氧化性質和抗氧化成分之分析; 第三年擬以人體試驗評估紅麴薏仁之降血脂作用, 以期提供新保健產品於消費者食用或食品加工業之參考.

Adlay possesses specifically functional components, which exhibit antitumor, and hypolipidemic effects.Fungus Monascus sp.produces several metabolites which are beneficially to human health and exhibit hypocholesterolic, hypotensional and antioxidant properties.Both the fungus and adlay possess functional components effective in improving human health.Currently, the fungus was inoculated into adlay and produced new product after the colonization of fungal mycelia.The fungal metabolites impart brightly red color to adlay.However, whether or not the better aroma and tasty flavor resulted from the growth of monascal mycelia, the retention of functional components of adlay after the mycelial growth or synergistic effect of functional components from both adlay and fungus are the area of interest.In addition, stability of oixenolode after inoculation and during storage is unknown? Therefore, to provide new healthy product with more information for consumption and food processing, the approaches of this research are as follows: For the first year, to make several adlay products using red adlay inoculated with various Monascus spp., and to measure the content of monacolin K and to study the stability of adlay lipid and pigments.For the second year, to determine the antioxidant properties of monascal adlay and its contents of antioxidant components.For the third year, to test the hypolipidemic effect of monascal adlay in humans.
其他識別: 90農科-3.1.3-糧-Z1(6)
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