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標題: 乳酸發酵綜合果蔬汁之研發
Research and Development of Lactic Acid Fermented Fruit and Vegetable Mixed Juice
作者: 區少梅
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究
本計畫即擬繼續針對胡蘿蔔、苦瓜、芹菜、甘藍、青花菜等蔬菜所得之單一或混合發酵之蔬菜汁, 進行添加水果如柑桔、荔枝、鳳梨等之有無對菌株發酵能力、產品物化品質及感官品質之影響及以感官品評技術為研發美味且受消費者歡迎之產品的重要工具等之探討.蔬菜分別榨汁後, 配合水果果汁的添加與否, 以不同乳酸菌菌株進行單一或混合的綜合果蔬汁之乳酸菌發酵試驗, 製成綜合果蔬汁的乳酸飲料樣品.樣品分別進行微生物分析( 生菌數及乳酸菌 )、物化分析( pH、有機酸、色澤、香氣成分 )與感官品質分析及消費者喜好性之測試以資比較, 依整體分析測試結果選擇較優之配方, 並完成加工流程之建立.藉試驗分析型及消費者者型之感官品評及微生物與物化分析的測試, 期以成功地研發生產出風味好、口感佳之發酵綜合果蔬汁.

This project focuses on investigating the effects of adding various fruit juices including citrus, lechi, pineapple, etc.on the fermentation capabilities of all selected lactic acid bacteria, the sensory and physicochemical qualities and the development of tasty and popular products by using sensory evaluation as a major tool.After juicing, carrots, bitter-melon, celery, cabbage and broccoli juices with or without addition of various fruit juice will be fermented by selected lactic acid bacteria singly or by combination to produce various fermented juices.The microbiological ( total plate count and lactic acid bacteria ), physicochemical ( pH, organic acids, aroma compounds and color )and sensory qualities of products will be examined by microbiological, physicochemical methods and sensory tests with analytical and consumer-type panels.The results will be used to select the most suitable formula and establish the procedures of the process.It is a hope that the most popular and tasty fermented mixed juice products can be developed successfully.
其他識別: 90農科-3.1.4-糧-Z1(23)
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