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標題: 發芽糙米之開發及保健功能之探討
Study on the Development of Germinated Brown Rice and Its Functional Properties
作者: 盧訓
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究
糙米對人體有良好保健功能及含豐富的維生素和微量元素.糙米經輕微發芽處理後, 其生理和營養上之價值, 在於易於消化並產生多種酵素, 可具有水解蛋白質、脂肪及碳水化合物等功能, 並產生特有的風味和芳香成分及抗氧化化合物如多酚化合物釋放量的增加, 或有新抗氧化物質的形成.本研究系以兩種省產稉 及秈稻品種稻穀為原料, 探討發芽參數( 水含量、溫度、時間 )之最適條件、化學組成變化、酵素活性、抗氧化及保健功能等, 以期除能強化米食之營養價值外, 更藉以提升稻米經濟價值及米食多元化之加工層次.本年度重要工作項目為建立糙米發芽參數( 水含量、溫度、時間 )之最適條件、化學組成、理化特性分析和酵素活性測定.本研究之預期效益為: 1.建立不同稻米品系其發芽參數之條件.2.瞭解酵素活性、抗氧化性之變化等對生理及營養上之功能, 以提升稻米之經濟價值, 並應用於米食多元化之加工層次.

Brown rice, which is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin, trace mineral and other functional materials, is a healthy food for human being.The physiological and nutritional values of slightly germinated brown rice lie in their easily digestible nature.Germinated brown rice exist in the ability to activate enzymes, hydrolyze macromolecules, and produce distinctive flavor and aroma components.Moreover, it can increase the releasing of phenolic compounds or formation of new autioxidants such as Maillard reaction products.Two varieties of rice, Japonica and Indica, will be used for this study.The optimal conditions of germination ( i.e.moisture content, temperature and time ), the changes of chemical components, enzyme activities of carbohydrate, protein and lipid, anti-oxidation, and functional properties will be examined.In addition to that the nutritional values of the germinated brown rice can be fortified, the economic value and multifunctional utilization of rice-based food products may be promoted.The work items in this year, the objective of this study is to establish the optimal conditions of germination, including the moisture content, temperature and time, to analyze the changes of chemical components and physicochemical properties and to examine the enzyme activities of carbohydrate, protein and lipid.The expected contributions will be: 1.Establishing the optimal conditions of germination, including the moisture content, temperature and time for different rice varieties.2.Realizing the functions of changes in enzyme activities and anti-oxidation effects in physiology and nutrition, which may promote the economic value of rice in rice industry and its multifunctional utilization in rice-based food products.
其他識別: 90農科-3.1.4-糧-Z1(3)
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