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標題: 虱目魚研製休閒食品及其品質分析
Fermentation and Quality Analysis for Snack Food Prepared by Grinding Milkfish Surimi with Wheat Flour
作者: 柯文慶
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究
本研究計劃嘗試以魚肉混合小麥麵粉之加工技術, 即利用虱目魚魚漿添加在麵糰中, 經煉合、發酵及烤焙等製程.試製成組織、口感及風味類似硬式麵包( hard bread )且低含水量、低水活性、低脂、低糖及高貯藏性, 並富含動物性及植物性風味之新產品.並藉由新產品的開發以提高虱目魚的利用性及經濟效益, 使更具市場潛力.分項工作如下: ( 1 )確立產品配方與加工流程.( 2 )製程中添加不同比例虱目魚魚漿對產品品質之影嚮.( 3 )產品之物性、化學特性分析.( 4 )品質分析與流通條件之探討.預期效益: ( 1 )開發出不同型態風味之虱目魚魚漿加工製品, 並以具嗜好性、健康為導向的休閒食品.( 2 )對水產與農產混合之加工技術, 建立一有效之研究方法.( 3 )提昇生活產業, 開發出具潛力又有價值的新產品市場.( 4 )以質地、色澤、風味變化作為製品品質特性之指標.

A processing technology by mixing fish meat with wheat flour will be developed.Milkfish surimi prepared from ordinary muscle is ground by mixing wheat flour and various additives.The doughs thus obtained are tried to make a kind of hard bread-like products through fermentation and baking process.The products will be standardized as a new product of a low water content, low water activity, low fat, low sugar, long storage life and with both animal and vegetable flavor.Milkfish will have become to be applied to increase its utility value.The principal work in this study is itemized as follows.1.To establish product formula and process specification.2.To investigate the effect of milkfish surimi content on the product quality.3.To analyze physical and chemical properties of the product during processing.4.To investigate the product quality and distribution conditions.The expectative effectiveness: 1.To develop a new kind of milkfish snack food with savoriness and health tendency.2.To establish an effective method for the research and evaluation on processing technology using marine and produce products.3.To improve life industry by developing products with potentiality.4.To use texture, color, and flavor as an index to evaluate food quality.
其他識別: 90農科-3.1.4-漁-F1(2)
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