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標題: 台灣產紫色蔬菜免疫調節功能之研究
Studies on the Immune Effects of Some Purple Vegetables Cultivated in Taiwan
作者: 林金源
關鍵字: 食品科技;應用研究
本研究主要目標在探討台灣產紫色蔬菜榨汁液的免疫調節功能,探討其對BALB/c雌鼠初代免疫細胞之調節作用,並由初代免疫細胞分泌物之變化,來判斷紫色蔬菜的免疫調節功能.本年度選用之紫色蔬菜至少五種,包括紅鳳菜、紫色甘藍菜、紅莧菜、紫色甘藷葉、紫蘇等,當本年度計畫完成後,可由體外免疫細胞實驗結果,評估紫色蔬菜對脾臟免疫細胞及腹腔免疫細胞之調節作用,並評估此等紫色蔬菜的免疫屬性,以提供國人食用之參考,並可提升農產品之附加價值.研究完成後將可達成下列目標: 1. 有系統篩選具有免疫調節功能或抗發炎作用的台灣產紫色蔬菜. 2. 探討出紫色蔬菜榨汁對初代免疫細胞之最適作用濃度. 3. 探討不同種類台灣產紫色蔬菜是否具有細胞增生活性. 4. 由脾臟細胞分泌Th1及Th2細胞激素之變化,決定出各種紫色蔬菜之免疫調節屬性. 5. 由小鼠腹腔免疫細胞一氧化氮(NO)分泌量的變化,探討紫色蔬菜榨汁是否具有活化巨噬細胞的能力. 6. 由免疫活性成分是否耐熱,初步判斷紫色蔬菜榨汁中免疫活性物質之屬性. 7. 探討本土產紫色蔬菜以榨汁加工模式,對初代免疫細胞作用之可行性. 8. 為本土具有免疫保健功能蔬菜的商品化建立評估模式.

In this study, juices of five varieties of purple vegetables, including gynura's deux couleurs, purple cabbage, red species of ganges amaranth, purple leaf species of sweet potato and perilla, will be incubated with primary immune cells from female BALB/c mice. According to changes of secretions from the primary immune cells, immune regulatory functions of these chosen purple vegetables are evaluated. Both primary splenocyte and peritoneal cell culture models are used in this project. The criteria of immune effects are based upon kinds and amounts of cytokines (such as IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, IFN-γ, TNF-α) or inflammatory mediators (such as nitric oxide, PGE2) secreted by the primary cultures treated with different purple vegetables samples. The relationship between the primary immune cell responses and the addition of purple vegetables will be elucidated. As this project is finished, the expected goals will be: 1. systematically screening some purple vegetables cultivated in Taiwan which possessed potential immune regulatory and anti-inflammatory function. 2. the appropriate effective concentration of juices from purple vegetables will be determined. 3. analyse the cell proliferation or activating ability of chosen purple vegetables. 4. define their immune response properties according to the ratio of Th1 and Th2 cytokines secreted by primary immune cells stimulated by chosen purple vegetables. 5. establishing a proper primary immune cell model for evaluating agricultural products.
其他識別: 91農科-4.1.3-糧-Z1(17)
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