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標題: 研究台灣與國際間對「可供食品使用之中草藥」之管理制度和規範
Evaluation of the Norms and Regulations of the Medicinal Plants for Food Purposes among Taiwan and Other Countries
作者: 周志輝
關鍵字: 應用研究;Chinese herbal medicine;食品科技, 農產運銷;中草藥;食品;藥食兩用;食品安全;管理制度;規範;food;food safety;administrative system;standard
本計畫的目的是希望研究台灣與世界各國對「可供食品使用之中草藥」之管理制度、原則和安全標準,過程中將針對各種藥食兩用的中草藥,參考和比較國際間的管理規範、現況、態度、責任歸屬和發展歷程,探討當中的共通點及差異性,然後汲取各國比較優勝的作法和經驗,透過科學依據的支持,配合我國的國情,針對我國對藥食兩用中草藥的規範、安全標準和長期發展方向等,提供建議和發展藍圖。最終是希望能協助提升我國中草藥方面的食品安全性,並且與國際社會接軌。 研究的步驟可分為數個部份,首先是收集及整理台灣和世界其他地區(如:中國大陸、香港、東南亞、美國和歐洲等地)可能使用的藥食兩用的中草藥種類和資料,包括:學名、俗名、一般生物學的資料、化學成分資料、食用目的、食使用部份、食用歷史、傳統攝取量和安全性等等可能收集到的資料;然後再針對台灣與國際間在「可供食品使用之中草藥」的管理規範、現況、態度、責任歸屬和發展歷程等進行比較和檢討;最後從各國的經驗裡建構出對我國最好的作法,並對我國在藥食兩用中草藥的規範提供建議。

The aim of this study was to investigate the administrative system, principle, and standard for the uses of medicinal plants for food purposes among Taiwan and other nations. Both the commonness and differences in the regulations, status, and standards being adopted in Taiwan and some other nations would be studied, analyzed, and compared. Any superior in the management and regulations from the other nations on the medicinal plants would be investigated to determine if they could be applied in Taiwan. Some suggestions on improving the management of the medicinal plants for food purposes would be given in this study. The improvement of safe administration of medicinal plants is one of the goals of this study. This study is divided into two major parts. In the first part, the possible details including name, composition, consumption information, safety, and regulations of different medicinal plants, which are generally used for food purposes in Taiwan and different countries (e.g. Mainland China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, USA, and Europe), would be collected, analyzed, and compared. Then, some improvements in the management of the medicinal plants for food purposes in Taiwan would be discussed and suggested in the other part.
其他識別: DOH93-TD-F-113-051-(2)
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