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標題: 糙米發酵飲品機能性提升與製程改良之研究
Study on Enhancement of Functional Property and Improvement of Manufacturing Process for a Fermented Drink Made from Brown Rice
作者: 陳錦樹
關鍵字: 應用研究;Brown Rice;食品科技;糙米;發酵飲品;米麴;酵母;發芽糙米;Fermented Drink;Rice Koji;Yeast;Sprouted Brown Rice
本計畫延續上一年度有關結合營養豐富之糙米與微生物發酵等二種有益人體健康與養生之特質,開發一種機能性糙米發酵飲品。即以糙米或發芽糙米為原料,利用麴菌、根黴菌之多種水解酵素活性以及特殊酵母或乳酸菌進行低度發酵,製得一種營養豐富,風味特殊之機能性飲料,期能增加稻米加工產品之種類,進而提高糙米消費量。內容包括1). 最適菌種篩選,2).最適酵素水解暨發酵條件之建立,3).水解液之濃縮與調合條件之建立。

This project is the continuation of the last year's study. A new and functional fermented beverage combining two functional food elememts, nutritious brown rice or sprouted brown rice and fermentation, are developed in this study. Rice koji or Rhizopus spp. due to their plentiful hydrolytic enzymes, and yeasts or lactic acid bacteria that are capable of producing pleasant aroma will be used in this study. The objectives of this project are going to investigate the factors affecting microbial bioconversion of brown rice. These include: 1). screening of fungal strains and yeasts for optimal enzymatic hydrolysis of brown rice and fermentation with characteristic aroma generation, respectively. 2). establishment of the optimal conditions for enzymatic hydrolysis by koji and fermentation; and 3). establishment of the conditions for concentration and blending of hydrolysates of brown rice. Increased consumption of rice is therefore expected due to the production of fermented brown rice.
其他識別: 96農科-3.1.4-糧-Z1(9)
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