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標題: Lactobacillus reuteri冷凍耐受性的提升與加速貯藏試驗的探討
Enhancement of Freezing Tolerance of Lactobacillus Reuteri and the Studies of Accelerated Storage Testing
作者: 金安兒
關鍵字: 應用研究;Lactobacillus reuteri;食品科技;Lactobacillus reuteri;冷凍;凍結貯藏;細胞固定化;低溫保護劑;freezing;frozen storage;cell immobilization;cryoprotective agent
Lactobacillus reuteri 在許多自然環境中都有發現,而且能定殖於健康動物,包括人類的腸道中,具益生功效,同時亦能產生抗菌物質,因此目前不論在研究或應用方面,均日益受到重視。另一方面,細胞固定化中的膠囊化技術對於乳酸菌等益生菌而言,已經發現能保護其對抗不利環境條件,以及在穿越腸胃道的過程中提供保護,從而提高其在人體腸道中的存活率與活性,以及加工處理與貯藏過程中的耐受性。冷凍為乳酸菌保存時常用的一種方法,然而乳酸菌對冷凍的耐受性隨著菌株的不同而有極為顯著的差異。對冷凍耐受性的不佳不但會影響到冷凍操作與凍結貯藏後的存活率與活性,同時也會限制其在冷凍食品中的應用,對後續之冷凍乾燥產品的品質也會有關鍵性的影響。除了細胞固定化之外,低溫保護劑的添加也是提升菌株抗凍性的有效方法。本研究即擬總合上述各項因子,並配合上加速貯藏試驗來進行為期三年的探討;第一年主要針對L. reuteri 經不同保護處理(包括Ca-alginate 固定化,trehalose 及fructooligosaccharide (FOS)添加,以及將trehalose 及FOS 一同以Ca-alginate 固定化等)後,在不同冷凍溫度及不同凍結貯藏溫度下貯藏所得之存活率結果等進行探討;第二年則擬對前一年所得之具較佳結果之保護處理方式之樣品,進行不同冷凍溫度及不同凍結貯藏溫度下對菌株活性及益生保健功效等之影響的研究;第三年則是進行加速貯藏試驗的研究,並將其應用至真實食品中,以評估樣品的保存性以及在真實食品中的應用性,建立能有效預測貯存穩定性和品質的模式。

Lactobacillus reuteri was found in many natural environments, and could colonize the intestines of healthyanimals, including human. It could provide probiotic effects and produce an anti-microbial agent, and has ledto a great deal of further studies in the researches and applications. On the other hand, the encapsulationtechnique of cell immobilization has been found to have good potential for protecting probiotic bacteria, suchas lactic acid bacteria, against adverse conditions in food and during passage through the gastrointestinal (GI)tract. It could therefore yield increased survival and activity of probiotic bacteria in GI tract, and resistanceagainst the conditions in food processing and storage. Freezing is the method frequently used for thepreservation of lactic acid bacteria. However, the susceptibility of lactic acid bacteria to freezing variesconsiderably among species and different strains of the same species. Deficiency in freezing resistance mightinfluence the survival and activity after freezing and frozen storage, and also restrict its application in frozenfoods as well as vitally affect the product quality of the subsequent freeze-drying. Besides cellimmobilization, the addition of cryoprotective agents is also an effective approach for the enhancement offreezing resistance of bacteria strains. In this study, all the factors mentioned above will be considered andcombined with accelerated storage testing in order to perform a three-year project. In the first year, researchwill be emphasized on L. reuteri with various protection treatments, including Ca-alginate immobilization,addition of trehalose and fructooligosaccharide (FOS) , and Ca-alginate immobilization with trehalose andFOS, etc., and survival rate results under different freezing temperatures and various frozen storagetemperatures will be studied. For the second year, the protection treatments with better results will beselected for the bacteria, and the effects of freezing temperatures and frozen storage temperatures on theactivity and probiotic effects of the strains will be researched. Finally, accelerated storage test and theapplication to real food will be conducted in the project of the third year. The goal is to evaluate thepreservation properties of the samples and applicability to real food, and establish models with effectiveprediction capability of storage stability and quality.
其他識別: NSC97-2313-B005-014-MY3
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