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標題: 黃白木耳發酵豆奶對動物模式非特異性免疫指標與抗病原菌侵入宿主之評估(III)
Evaluation of Non-Specific Immune-Related Index and Anti-Invasion Activities of Tremella Flava Fermented Soymilk in vivo (III)
作者: 方繼
關鍵字: 應用研究;Tremella flava;食品科技, 基礎醫學類, 生物技術;黃白木耳菌種;動物模式;抗致突變;Animal Model;Anti-mutagenic
本計畫之主要目的為利用動物模式探討黃白木耳發酵豆奶對BALB/c小鼠口服試驗期間發炎媒介物的變化,以探討免疫與發炎反應之關係。本研究室在黃白木耳之相關研究,已完成發酵前後之黃豆奶組成分變化、抗氧化性、RAW 264.7細胞發炎反應之影響、Caco-2 (人體分離之腸道癌細胞) 和AGS (人體胃癌細胞)之抑癌試驗。研究結果顯示豆奶及發酵豆奶甲醇萃取物對於清除DPPH及ABTS之能力皆有提升,且能降低TNF-α及IL-6之生成。另外,發酵豆奶甲醇萃取物亦有降低AGS及Caco-2存活率的效果。我們亦發現碳源的添加有助於刺激巨噬細胞活化。IL-12促使細胞分化成Th1細胞,幫助殺手細胞活化,並透過 IFN-γ的產生活化巨噬細胞,初步顯示可強化Th1反應,不傾向於作用於B細胞導致活化及分化。本研究計畫將進一步利用動物實驗評估黃白木耳發酵豆奶於生物體內是否具有生理功效,亦會進行黃白木耳發酵豆奶的致突變性、血清生化及免疫相關指標的評估,以獲更周全之生理評估數據。

The aim of this proposal is to determine the functionality of Tremella flava fermented soymilk in vivo and to confer the relationship between immunity and inflammatory-mediated reactions in BALB/c mice. Our laboratory have completed several Tremella flava-related studies including basic composition changes in fermented and non-fermented soymilk, antioxidant properties, RAW 254.7 cell inflammatory effects and Caco-2/AGS inhibitory studies. Previous results showed that both methanol extracts of soymilk (MES) and fermented soymilk (MEFS) possessed high DPPH and ABTS scavenging properties and were able to reduce TNF-α and IL-6 production. Moreover, MEFS significantly reduced AGS and Caco-2 survival rates. We also found the additional carbon source stimulated activation of macrophage. Results also indicated that IL-12 accounts for cell differentiation to Th1 cells, which benefits killer cell activation and in turn leads to macrophage activation via IFN-γ production. The preliminary studies showed that MEFS intensified Th1 reaction instead of B cell activation and differentiation.This research proposal will further analyze the functionality of Tremella flava fermented soymilk in vivo using BALB/c mice and also to assess the mutagenicity and immune-related index of fermented soymilk extract for a more comprehensive statistical data to develop a novel functional food.
其他識別: 98農科-3.1.3-糧-Z1(11)
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